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I went for a four mile recovery run this evening, and it felt good. It was much quicker than most of my runs have been of late - I actually had to consciously hold myself back. Even though it wasn't 'easy' it was really quite comfortable and thoroughly enjoyable. Oddly, I feel more confident about Loch Ness after tonight's run than after Sunday's half-marathon. Go figure.


My lovely sister-in-law Sarah has just posted a picture of my nephew Hugo in his school uniform... and he looks magnificent. I'm a bit teary just thinking about it, he looks so proud and confident and... HE'S AT SCHOOL - when did that happen?!


Back to the running. I have booked the Forest of Dean Half for next year (April 1st - whoop!), my friend Sian is attempting to persuade me to do the Merthyr Marathon in November, and Paul is trying to get me to do the Bristol Marathon at the end of November. I am going to book the Mull of Kintyre Half (June 2012) when it opens, as that looks a fabulous run to be part of.

In fact next year is looking rather busy; I am off to Gambia to photograph the wedding of my friend and work colleague Eli, then to the US to celebrate my mother's 70th (and my 40th) with the whole clan, plus all the runs above. I am also looking to do a sprint triathlon later in the year, and my friend Jo (whom I used to work with) has mooted something about running a marathon together.

I have also booked my first 1-2-1 swimming lesson, because I'd like to do something more varied than just running and cycling, and I understand a certain level of proficiency at all three is essential...

Oh, I have a strong idea for my NaNoWriMo novel in November. I have even plotted out (mostly) the main three plotlines and have started building rough character sketches. I can't wait.


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