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and on the flipside

Having spent the last few days gripped in spontaneous and fleeting moments of panic about the run (see previous post) I am now having the opposite. I am anxious, scared and somewhat tremulous at the thought of not being able to run on Sunday. I have a cold; a wasn't-there-a-moment-ago-is-there-now-in-all-its-full-blown-glory cold. One that arrived between 6pm and 8pm last night, screwed with my sleep (sore throat), has left me sneezing and spluttering all day, and has now magically migrated to my chest.

I hate colds, and I hate chest-colds. I hope this goes quickly, that it vanishes as swiftly as it arrived, that I awake tomorrow, or Friday, or Saturday, full of beans, clear of chest and sinus and mind, ready to go for that run.

Because I will be grumpy. And you know what happens when I get grumpy...

Yes... that.