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adjective /ˈpointlis/ Having little or no sense, use, or purpose

- speculating like this is a pointless exercise

- it's pointless to plan too far ahead

(of a contest or competitor) Without a point scored

I am sitting here, in the airport, drinking coffee and eating a surprisingly nice, if extortionate in price, chocolate and orange muffin. The airport lounge is busy, but not too busy. It is, in fact, very relaxed.

I should be on my way to Inverness, via Edinburgh, to run the Loch Ness Marathon. As many of you know (a conceit, are there indeed many of you?) I have been training for this marathon for some time. I have both loved and hated the experience. It is something I am glad to have come to the end of, this training. No more stupifyingly long runs. No more forgoing instead of doing. No more dreading, hating and then strangely enjoying those relentless miles.

I am not on my way to Inverness (via Edinburgh) to run the Loch Ness Marathon. I am on my way to Inverness (via Edinburgh) to watch the Loch Ness Marathon, to partake of the atmosphere, to watch wistfully as those brave souls run in. I am going on a bit of a holiday. And it feels oddly pointless.

The purpose of this whole jaunt was to run, to hurt, to achieve and to recover. Now I am simply going to watch, to mooch, to see, to bear witness. And its not the same.

I can't run on Sunday. Just the effort of getting to the airport (and wandering into town with EF for a slap-up breakfast) has left me short of breath, hurting of lungs and knackered. As obstinate and stubborn as I am (and I am very obstinate and stubborn) I won't be able to do this. A half, may be. 10k, yeah, I could, it'd hurt. But a marathon? Not on the cards. Not sensible in the slightest. I'm not known for my sensibility, but that would be pushing my tendency to idiocy a little too far.

So I ain't running (unless I feel stonkingly better on Sunday). I'm going to watch, to clap and to cheer. And next year, next year this won't be so pointless. Next year I'll run this marathon and do it as I had hoped to do it. Successfully, obstinately, enjoyably.

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