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jose on the sidelines

And so I never made it to the starting line of the Loch Ness Marathon. A bad cold which settled in my chest did its best to stop me running. I went anyway, to watch and cheer on those who were running. Inverness is a lovely little city, invaded as it was by a host of runners and spectators. I was there, at the finish line, early enough to watch the 5k and 10k runners come in, the former astounding me with the speed and determination of the many youngsters who flew through to the finish line. Families ran/jogged/walked together, the atmosphere was genial and very supportive and enthusiastic.

I enjoyed the event, the organisation was superb, and it was nice to stand there and cheer in pretty much every single runner for the 5k, 10k and marathon as they ran through. Thankfully, despite my misgivings about going, it was worth the trip, and made me all the more determined to run it next year.

nanowrimo 2011 - prelude