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nanowrimo 2011 - prelude

Year 3. Year 1 was a blast, a hectic, stressful, manic, seat-of-the-pants blast. I wrote and I struggled and I came through. And I am still working on that novel two years later.

Year 2 was much the same, with two false starts and periods of fallowness followed by periods of intense, unrelenting panic.

Year 3 will be different. It will be a breeze, easy, a simple task of sitting down to write and watching the words flo... who am I kidding.

This will be different, in that I have actually made an effort to plan and prepare instead of simply sitting down on November 1st with nothing but the smidgeon of an idea and a cartload of blind hope.

I have an idea, I have scenes, characters and plot-lines. The story takes place in the same world as last year's novel, but during an earlier period, chronicling some of the events that that influence that story (which will be re-written at some point).

So, I am confident. Fairly. And I am very much looking forward to it, to the writing, the stress, the panic, the write-ins, the sharing of every triumph and moment of despair with my fellow nano-ers.

15 days to go.

bristol nanowrimo write-in
Nano-ing like it means something

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