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facebook update - day 3 - nanowrimo

Jose has, after a productive morning's writing, reached 12% of the overall total, is 15% ahead of his day 3 target, has only to achieve a daily average of 98% of the recommended daily quota and will currently finish 14% ahead of time. In other news he has shaved off 60% of his (facial) stubble, is 3% full of chorizo, 84% full of nutella, is running approximately 7% behind schedule and is about 40% tired, with an 68% chance of that rising to 80% before 70% of the day is done.

He is 100% looking forward to the tonight's NaNoWriMo write-in, where he is 95% likely to drink at least 80% of his much deserved Crabbies. He is 88% likely to enjoy the whole evening, rising to 97% if he has the nachos for dinner. He suspects everybody there will be 100% wonderful.


nanowrimo 2011 #1 - into the unknown