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the power of a shower

So, I have showered and thunk, and thunk some more. I am forever amazed at the mental and physical recuperative powers that a shower can have. As per below, I am clearly unhappy with this year's story. Succinctly put, it is about an army (led by the Seven and sent by their Empress) marching across half the world with the singular aim of killing one child, whose future threatens the whole world. The problem is that all the (hopefully) cool, sexy stuff I have though of takes place in the back story, and the back story lies half a world away. It is too remote.

And so I flip it. I bring the back story into the here and now, it takes place around the events unfolding, lending it authenticity. There is no army (yet), the child lies within the bounds of the empire, with all its rich cruelty, and the Seven aren't what they were originally intended to be. There will still be death, blood, destruction. But there will be more of it, and it will be more intimate, because it is more closely linked to the back story surrounding it.

The great thing about this flip is that pretty much all of what I have written for nanowrimo remains extant. I only have to lose a couple of scenes, and my prologue/opening scene will be much stronger (when I have written it).

See, showers, eh? Powerful things they. Now for that coffee.

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