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two outta three ain't bad

NaNoWriMo has crashed and burned for me this year. Or rather, to be more accurate, I have been too distracted and too uncaring of the novel I was writing to carry it through. I am not sure what it is, but I have been utterly dissatisfied with the story. It has good bits but ultimately I just didn't like it enough to pursue it. I managed to get some 23,000 words in, which wasn't too bad an effort, I guess. That doesn't mean I have stopped writing though. I have been working away at another novel, based on the characters and slightly twisted more contemporary setting of my Man-eating Ravening Peas and (unfinished) Split Angels short stories. This is a story which I am very much enjoying, with some likeable characters and, hopefully, an interesting story. We shall see.

One thing I have learnt from the last two years, alluded to briefly in another post, is that I am utterly, utterly rubbish at writing in the fantasy genre. Seriously rubbish. Can't seem to do it. Contemporary - fine, contemporary with a twist - fine, dystopian/apocalyptic futures - fine, generic science fiction - okay, horror - okay, romance - no idea, literature in the style of Allende and Rushdie - hahaha, fantasy - meh. Perhaps one day.

One of the things I will need to address is the fallow periods of writing that have appeared earlier this year. So I have put in place a routine which matches my strengths and inclinations (early mornings for runs and writing, and early evenings to continue the latter) which, mostly, seems to be working. I will also be joining the #flashfriday and #serialtuesday movements, and together with the Watershed Writers' Block (#wwb) challenges I should have enough motivation to keep it going. Expect to see more of that stuff on here. Poor you.