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Books, damned books and the to-read pile


I've been ill three last few days, and in between the shivering, the coughing, the throwing up and the general unpleasantness of it all I have been considering my to read pile situation.

Upstairs in my bedroom, I have one of those big billy bookcases from ikea. This is my to-read pile (TRP). And it is stuffed full.

Downstairs I have one of those half width billy bookcases, with the top four shelves as overflows for the TRP. They are stuffed full. In fact they are double stacked.

I have a small coffee table with two nice neat piles of books on it.
Last weekend I bought ten books and I will no doubt buy more before the month is out. I read every day, roughly 4-6 books a week, on Kindle and in paper.

And I am not catching up. So... what to do, Kathmandu?

I am going to stop rereading books for a start, despite that being one of the great pleasures of reading. I am going to read at least three physical books a week. I have already, believe it or not, slowed down my book buying; the only thing exceeding the size of my TRP is the size of my To-Buy Pile. But I will endeavour to keep it sensible.

Yeah right.

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