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ghostchild and golden monkey - elouise

elouise stood at the roadsideand waited when she was four she had seen the sky fall the shattering of the heavens upon the fragile earth screaming and the dying the stink of humans burnt when she was nine in a remote and distant field she found an angel cowering battered and all broken wings of bloodied stumps just mewling and just shitting eyes seeking upwards and on her fourteenth birthday at the village fete the child of her fair sister lay crushed beneath a cart in her nineteenth year her lover died in her arms at the age of twentyfour in the winter sun the earth shook and crumbled and the dead walked til evening dawn at twentynine when the goats where herded in one was heard to speak and amidst the burning and the prayers that swiftly followed turned and called her name as she turned thirtyfour a demon struck a deal for the soul of her dead mother and daddy lived forever on the count of thirtynine the sun darkened for three days and three nights and ghosts crawled the land on the dusk of fortyfour she simply stood and simply waited until the world ended

ghostchild - untitled