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I haven't done one of these in a long while, but as I am in a surprisingly upbeat mood... ***

This weekend I took an old friend to the airport for her month long trip to South America and, as is usually the case, she has lent me her car whilst she is away.

And it is bloody addictive. And convenient. And easy to use. And...

Bugger. I don't need a car, I know this, and what I am not spending on a car can go elsewhere and not having a car means I maintain a decent level of fitness. But what a siren owning a car is. It isn't helped by the fact that I have spent the best part of £300 on the City Car Club during November/December.

EF was surprised at how tense and aggressive I get when in a car (just more so, I am pretty laid back generally) and today's trip into work highlighted that feeling of tension, and the fact I missed my walk into work from the train station. And I missed being able to read whilst I did so.

Hmmm. I am of a mind to see how I feel in the summer and decide then. But a big part of me is adamant that I stay car-less.


I ran 4.7 miles this evening, and it felt good. That is a lie. The first 1.5 miles were horrendous, painful, awkward, heavy, etc. After that it got much easier and I finished quite strongly, which was immensely pleasing.

A far cry from being able to run 17 miles only 2 2.5 months ago, but then I have hardly run since then, so it isn't unsurprising. Ah well, I will soon recover it if I train as I have planned.


On the subject of planning and training I have signed up for the following during 2012:

  • The Weston-super-mare Tough Ten (February)
  • The Forest of Dean Half-marathon (April)
  • The Mull of Kintyre Half-marathon (June)
  • The Loch Ness Marathon (September)

I'm toying with the Bristol 10k (if I am not in the US) and the Sodbury Slog in November. If I do go to the USA I am thinking about entering something over there in May.

We shall see!


There is an awful lot of writing going on here at the moment, although most of it isn't to do with the novel in progress. There is the Tuesday Serial (based on the first draft of 2011's abortive NaNoWriMo fantasy effort), Friday Flash (which may or may not be based around the Company, subject of my first Friday Flash post), the Ghostchild and Golden Monkey series and adhoc Watershed Writers Block challenges.

The first three are generally posted on Tuesday (obviously), Friday (obviously, again) and Sunday. Just so you know.


The ever lovely Dolly Garland has had a snoop at my bookshelves (well, she asked some questions). If you are interested you can find the post here.


Finally, before you are all bored to tears, I am going to bite the bullet and grow a magnificent beard... like this:

or this:

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