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resolutions and goals

I dislike the word 'resolutions' as it always seems to be a positive-negative word; aimed at fixing something that is 'broken' or needs, well, resolving. I prefer goals, and here you will find some of mine for this year.

  • Run a marathon (and possibly an ultra-marathon)
  • Reduce my weight to 12 stone
  • Finish writing my novel
  • Complete a year of writing Friday Flashes and Tuesday Serials
  • Be a better person
  • Save up enough money to go to Japan or Vietnam/Cambodia early next year
  • Cycle to work at least half the days in a month
  • Be a better person (no, really)
  • Remember the birthdays of family and friends
  • Evolve my running to five times a week
  • Visit the family in the USA
  • Take my mum to Morocco
  • Enjoy life as much as possible
  • Buy fewer books
  • Try and maintain a minimum ratio of books read to books bought of 1:4 (being realistic here)

What are your goals for the year? Anything of significant oddness?

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