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A change of pace

I've been toying with this idea for quite some time; implementing it solves a number of problems I have either alluded to or openly discussed.

So... all my fiction and general writing will be moved over to JoseKilbride.com and will no longer be found here. Fabergemonkey is returning to its roots as my personal space on the web. That isn't to say you aren't welcome here any more, of course you are. Draw up a chair, have a cake, stay a while.

JoseKilbride.com was always intended to be the home for my writing, and it started out that way. Unfortunately, due to circumstances and, let's be honest here, an element of laziness I never continued down that path with it. And so fabergemonkey.com ended up losing its way.

Which, for me, isn't ideal.

So, if you want posts on writing, and examples, and whatever else to do with that subject, photography and stuff like that, head over there. If you are interested in what lurks in the dark, quiet recesses of my mind, well, you may as well settle into that there chair and partake of the cake.

Seriously. Eat the bloody cake. It's good.