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the minotaur in the mirror

Yesterday I was involved in my first ever photoshoot, on the other side of the lens, albeit as an 'extra' or 'blur'. The shoot was part of Howard's and Pete's ongoing Minotaur series, this time taking place in Bristol Sweetmart, which had kindly let us in early to do it.

I have been a photographer for quite a while now, doing the odd portrait shoot and a number of weddings, so I am fairly familiar with the process as a whole. However, it is always fascinating to see another photographer's process at work, working a three dimensional environment to best create the image desired. It is also quite fun to work it out yourself in your head (as part of the subject matter) and see how that correlates with the final image. The other fun thing to do is envisage what you would do with the opportunities provided.

The Minotaur's head (yes, I know it is blurry, it's artistic init?)

The experience gave me a lot of food for thought, as well as reawakening a desire to get out and about with my camera (it has been been far too long), and to work with people whilst doing so. I have had a fair few ideas bubbling away in my head for some time, not least of which is my People and Passions project.

So, I just really need to a) get out and do it, b) find accomplices and c) get out and do it.

Any willing subjects out there?



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