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the happiest day...

Ordinarily conversations with my colleagues ranges from the slightly rude to the bizarre, rarely dipping into topics of any real depth.

Today A asked the rest of us what the happiest day of our lives were. And it was surprisingly difficult to say. S responded with a day when his wife had just given birth, he had just been made redundant and had been for an interview only to be rung on the way home by the interviewers offering him the job. P's was unexpectedly receiving the £1500 needed to buy his way out of the army, courtesy of his wife. Both were at pains to point out these were happy days but also very memorable.

What has been the happiest day of my life?

I have quite a few candidates, I suppose. The days my nephews and niece were born count highly, as does the very first time my brother rang me up for a chat, something he had never done before. What else? The first day I met and spent with EF is certainly high up the order. The second day of the first time I went walking along the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path was another; the weather was perfect, the air cool, the sun warm, the beaches photogenic and welcoming. Another was the day that my friend H and I went down to the O2 in London to watch Nine Inch Nails in concert. An awesome day.

In truth I think there can be no 'happiest day'. Each gets twisted and changed by time, by events, by perceptions. They fade in significance or are reinforced. They change as we do.

I can't tell you which is my happiest day, only that I have had a number of them; each valuable in its own merits. And to have some is much better than none, so in that I am content.

What is your happiest day? D you have one or, like me, several?


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