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Spikes and stuff

Yesterday was a pretty good day, not least because I serendipitously bumped into a number of people I know, met up with someone as planned and met someone whom I had only known through Twitter. It was also the annual Spike Island Open weekend, which is where I met up with Matt (@gothick) and said hello to @bertyc (whose name I think is Roberta) who is as lovely in real life as she is on Twitter.

Matt and I had a good wander around the Spike Island exhibitions, studios and cafes, unwittingly participated in an oatmeal/porridge based performance piece and had a lovely chat and brownie at the Olive Shed on the waterfront. The performance piece itself was fantastic fun, and involved watching a cooking show on a screen whilst... well, at the end goggles and gloves were donned... and Matt and I got oatmealed. With a leaf-blower.

Matt also demonstrated his talent at grand larceny although he didn't actually steal anything.



Thanks to Pete and Louise for their comments, and Nik for his email re: my previous post about my lack of confidence with writing. It has helped, and is very much appreciated.


I am writing this whilst sat in A&E with EF, who isn't very well and managed to bang her head on a door as a result first thing this morning. So far she is okay. As ever the BRI staff have been fantastic and have been looking after her, although we have just been told she will be kept in today and tonight pending further observation and investigation.


EF has introduced me to Boggle. She kicks my butt at it.


The week that was

Some of it is a bit rubbish