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I am surrounded by photographers and bloggers, twitterers and instagrammers, by police and protesters and marchers and lesbians and gays and bisexuals and transvestites and transgenders and heteros and everyone.

There are politicians and activists, do-gooders and do-badders, men and women of conviction and deep belief, disparate and at odds. There is opinion and fact, truth and lie, proposition and partying, laughter and singing chanting and joy and anger and love.

There are pictures, colourful, rainbow-filled and happy, or grim and dark with rage and disgust. There are blog posts being written, thoughts offered, actions reported. There are cameras and perceptions and principles. There are placards. And stickers. Positions of defiance on gluebacked paper.

There are people, of every kind and thought and deed and gender and orientation. There is conflict, between what is right and what is right, between beliefs and between ideals, between openness and closedness, between acceptance and intolerance, between fear and fear alike.

I am surrounded.

What does it all mean?

Fuck knows.

In my head I am playing tiddlywinks, and I am losing.


a plastic brit