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I have joined audioboo. In truth I joined a little while ago (this time last year?) but have started booing again. The more cynical amongst you may suggest this is just another social network for me to not post to, but hey, you never know, I may surprise you. Plus you get to hear my dulcet tones.

So, on first impressions, what to do I think of it?

I quite like listening to people talk whilst I work, the sound of them chuntering away about this and that is pretty soothing. I do find it difficult to find people who audio-blog in the same way as they would tippitappytypey-blog. I also suspect the drop-off is quite high, from the number of people I follow on twitter who boo, the vast majority of done single figure or no boos at all.

I did search on twitter for audioboos and found some that were, well, underwhelming, a couple that were interesting and one that was unexpectedly highly pornagraphic. Seriously, why would you record yourself having sex and then post it to the web?

Oh. Yes. People are weird.

I like the unedited, off the cuffness of audioboo. Unlike a written blogpost you can't edit it and revise it without re-recording the whole thing. An audioboo feels very much more organic.

Anyway, I think it will be an alternative mechanism for me to blog, swapping between the written word and spoken word as and when I feel like it.

If you want to listen to me chunter on about stuff, you can find me here.


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