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the trouble with plans...

... is that they never, ever go according to. Dammit. I am sitting here, back at home, with a massive lump on my elbow from an insect bite, a stream of blisters on my wrist (I have no idea how they got there) and my left knee in an ice pack. Back four days into my trip. The shame.

Lessons learnt though (documented here lest I forget):

  • Starting slow is always good if you want to last. This rings true for both shenanigans with a pack and shenanigans in the sack. Just drawing a parallel there.
  • Getting up at 3am to cross an estuary at 4am is very cool in theory and practice but also sucks when you hit 3pm.
  • A full english breakfast  before a 10 mile walk is ever such a bad idea (second time of learning).
  • Sod versatility; take a smaller, lighter camera. Get someone else to carry it for you if possible.
  • Dehydrated foodstuffs rule in the backpack, but taste ruddy awful.
  • Do not ask about the Bacon and Fried Potatoes debacle, I will show you a picture. When I stop having the flashbacks.
  • Old dudes with artificial hips walking the coastal path totally rock - utmost respect, kimosabe.
  • Pembrokeshire rules.
  • Pubs, cafes and bars are always closed for the day/afternoon/period you are outside wanting to go in. Just because.
  • Putting Compeed on bigass blisters is a poor judgment call, especially when the Compeed catches on just about anything around.
  • Only women look good in a baseball cap type thingy type cap. Men look like complete burks. This especially includes me.
  • Women wearing their hair in a ponytail totally rings my ding. This isn't really a lesson learnt, more of a general-whilst-I-think-of-it observation. Just saying.
  • I have seen puffins, shearwaters, choughs, various types of gulls, swallows and porpoises. This alone has made my trip.
  • Oh and I fell down a rabbit hole and didn't break anything.
  • Women wearing their hair in a ponytail whilst wearing a baseba... okay, okay.
  • Always, always be ready to change your plans. The trick is to look like this was what was going to happen all along. #seepostbelowcompletefail
  • Melted-because-it-been-in-your-black-rucksack-all-day chocolate is not the easiest thing in the world to eat. You will look like you have fallen headfirst into a cowpat.
  • The chap with camp-bed thatjust about squeezed into the tent? I am sorry I dissed you at the time, you at least appeared to get some sleep.
  • I seen ponies too.
  • And hefelumps. But they kept hiding under the pixies.
  • Too much sun can be bad for you.

Tomorrow's blog-post: Coffee-houses and surviving the yummy-mummy incursion.