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I have written a lot my blog posts past the midnight hour. There is something about this time of night, when the majority have gone to bed, the streets silent and the air dark with their boisterous absence. I like it, and yet I spend far too little time here, at this hour. The world beyond these midnight hours is a harsh one, demanding, brutal. All-night sojourns down lanes of whimsy are punished arbitrarily, without recognition of the fruit they might bear.

Such is life.

I think... that I allow myself to be more thoughtful, possibly more truthful at this time of night.  There is a comfort in silence and solitude, in the singular nature of your own company. Nothing else intrudes, and the mind, and fingers, flow. Words are written, thoughts expounded, dreams spun, intent distilled.

This is the joy of 2am; just me, and the me reflected back at me from my screen, in wayward word and pretty picture.



2am-ish ramblings