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organise thyself, monkey

One of the big goals for me this year has been the idea of actually being organised. I am renowned (amongst those who know me) for being quite messy, cluttered and mishap friendly with sporadic bouts of OCD-level organisation. All in all, not helpful. I also have the sneaking suspicion that my level of messiness is somewhat representative of my state of mind, and vice versa (a feedback loop of a sort). And that I do not want at all. I have actually made quite a lot of headway this Christmas. I cleared out, tidied and organised my living room and kitchen (there are still a few minor things to do). I have sorted out a few other things, including the paperwork (in progress) and my camera stuff (also in progress but mostly there).

One of the areas of the house that has been bugging me for a long time has been the study, which, since the arrival of the netbook and then the Macbook Air, has become something of a repository for all sorts of crap, all nestled amongst a chunk of my library. So I have changed it to a reading room, disposing of the computer equipment and desk, slotting in an armchair and pouffe (?), music system and nice lamps. All I need is a coffee percolator and I'm done.

reading room

And a bit of a tidy-up, but you get the picture. It is also a very nice environment to be in.

One of the other things I wanted to do, partially inspired by this article, but mainly by previous, empirical evidence, is establish a routine - particularly one focussed around writing and exercise. I am at my best in the early morning, and other than the middle of the night, it is my favourite part of the day. So my morning will look something like this...

  • 4.45am - get up, make coffee, drink lots of water, change into running/cycling clothes
  • 5.00am - sit at my writing desk, write
  • 6.00am - ablute, etc (you might not have needed to know this bit)
  • 6.15am - cycle/run/go to work

The times and timings will obviously change as I work out what best suits me. As an aside, my writing desk, which is a cool old Singer sewing table, with the singer machine still stored inside it:

writing deskWhat else have I done? I have resurrected my Evernote account to ensure I can track and organise all that interesting stuff I find on the interwebs and in real life (books I want to buy, places to visit, places to come back to, photos, etcetera, etc). I am looking for a Google Calendar replacement (30Boxes?) to capture all my appointments etc and I am resurrecting my Joe's Goals account to track all my goals (negative and positive). I already have Weave for my newsfeeds and Flipboard for tracking all the blogs I follow (as well as Instagram, news, photo-sites and other social networks).

Other things? Well, I have too many books for my space (but I'm not getting rid of them, dammit!) and that will always be the case. I just need to organise them in a more innovative manner, and make best use of my space, particularly as the numbers are likely to grow. I also need to make best use of my Goodreads account to catalogue them, as I am also notorious for buying books I already own...

I keep a rough rolling six month financial plan and budget (on a spreadsheet) but don't track against it, adjusting it accordingly. One of the things I picked up from a friend a while ago was the tracking of every single penny spent, which can be illuminating and alarming all at once. This will definitely come back into play.

It sounds like a lot of things to do, but actually, once done/set up, they can all be maintained fairly easily.


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