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And so we mourn. We mourn the pain of a friend or friends, that they should suffer loss and grief so unexpectedly. We mourn that the one's lost end was ever untimely. We mourn all the good in them, the wonder of their life. We mourn their absence, the habits formed that turn our heads toward them only to find them gone. We mourn the silences where there was noise, the words unsaid, the times and opportunities squandered. We mourn the futures lost, that they will never play out the way we dreamed or hoped.

We mourn because there is an ache, right here, deep inside. We mourn despite sometimes not knowing why we mourn.

Today I mourn the passing of a wonderful lady, a woman of such deep integrity, kindness and braveness that I cannot begin to explain it. Liz was a magnificent person, who did all she could for those around her without a second thought, who suffered an illness of such debilitating ferocity for so many years without complaint. She was always welcoming, always kind and generous and interested. Most of all she was a wonderful, loving mum to my friend Steve, who is a pretty amazing person in his own right, even if he doesn't see it.

Liz, it was an honour and a delight to know you. May you rest in peace.


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