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FFVII - nostalgia

I'm not sure there is a greater game in the universe than Final Fantasy VII. I had the urge to play it again last night, and this morning I duly did. Yes, it is a dated graphics wise, but it is still one of the greatest, if not most bonkers, stories ever played. I have never completed it (I was close once!) and I thought I would have another go. Hell, I'm 40 and apparently going through a mid-life crisis, so why not?

From the moment it opens up, from what we presume to be stars, to the flower girl and then up and outwards to show the city, to when we launch into the first mission, the game grabs you. You have no idea what is happening, why you control an EX-SOLDIER, why you are running round with a bunch of activists (terrorists?) called AVALANCHE, nor why you are blowing up a reactor that sucks MAKO out of the world? The beauty of the game is you eventually find out, and like the ex-soldier Cloud, you end up caring too.

So, in the first 25 minutes I have blown up a MAKO Reactor, beaten (eventually) a fuck-off big robot, defeated a bunch of guards, jumped on a moving train and bought a flower from the flower girl.

25 minutes well spent, I'd say.


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