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analogue sunday

analoguesundayI like this a lot. I haven't been reading much of late (as in tending towards null) and I really need to get back into it. I am also spending far too much time on this thing (laptop); more than is probably healthy. I need to feel the wind in my hair and the rasp of paper beneath my fingertips, so, from now on, on alternate Sundays... I am going analogue. It is going to be fairly difficult as using my laptop or tablet is all but second nature to me. But my pile of to-be-read books grows ever higher and my time ever shorter.


As an aside, a long time ago I did spend three months almost completely analogue. For three whole months, when at home, I did nothing but listen to the radio, write and read books. No television, no computer, no games consoles or the like. Just me, the radio and a pile of books. I figure the radio counted as analogue as it wasn't remotely digital.


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