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sunday bits-and-bobs

I am messing about with something that has been on the backburner (but in the plans) for some time. And it is quite exciting. Even if it will take some effort and a bit of time. And it incorporates all (or most) of the things I love. So all good. And hopefully fun, informative and will keep me out of trouble.


As I am doing my bits and pieces I am watching Jamie's American Road Trip. And it is fascinating. And sobering. And humbling. I am currently watching a chap, once an illegal immigrant, who, after a full day's work cooks for and feeds 80 odd homeless illegal immigrants in New York City. Every single day. Humbling.

The food itself, local or immigrant, is amazing. And supper-clubs? Cool. Want to try one.


Of course, one of the things I am getting from this is the urge to travel and eat food and see the sights and meet people and take photographs and...

On which note, I have been following for some time, on Facebook in particular, somebody who gave up corporate life to travel the US (where she's from) in a van with her dog. Alison Turner's photographs are truly lovely. You can find her main website here and her travelesque blog here.


I'm still watching Jamie and I am wondering why on earth we don't celebrate food and street-food like most other nations?

degrees, bikes, bags and kerbals