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in advance of a long time coming

I am currently sitting in Hart's Bakery, enjoying a latte, sausage roll and the ever unequalled Saturday bread. I am also looking through all my (on-line) study preparation for the Open University law degree I start in October. It is fairly limited in terms of detail for the actual module, but there is a wealth of information and support for those getting ready to re-enter the world of education. In this respect I am hugely impressed with what I am seeing and reading, although I guess it doesn't yet equal the support given by face-to-face human interaction. Anyway, that is for the future, when I am full-blown into it and have made friends and study companions and wotnot.

At the moment I am desperate to start. I just want to get on with it. I have been thinking about studying for several years and the impulse has grown stronger over the last few months. Actually signing up for and getting accepted on to the course makes the desire to start all the more intense.

I am worried. I am worried about my dedication (I know I have off-days). I am worried about the amount of study needed (16-18 hours a week) and whether I can live with it. I have made the decision to do it, so in a sense I am ready - although knowing a thing and doing a thing are still two separate, um, things.

Regardless, I am excited and eager to get on with it. Bring on the law. Bring on the study.

Let's get on with it already.

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