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I am not usually an advocate of buying stuff to reinvigorate stuff (I've had too much experience of it not working) but a couple of purchases of late seem to have bucked that trend, although the intent wasn't strictly to do that. A little while ago I decided to buy, through the work's Cycle to Work Scheme, a Brompton folding bicycle. The reasoning was thus - buy a small folder for getting to and from work on the train. The twenty-five minute walk to work from the station, whilst usually fine for an amble in, can be quite frustrating on the way home.

So I bought a Brompton. A Brompton S6R to be exact; which is the Brompton with the sporty straight handlebars, the rack and mud-flaps and six gears with the -12% ratio (for the hills, see).

And it is gorgeous. Seven weeks after ordering it, the Brompton arrived, in all its natty black and white:

Brompton S6R


The unexpected thing is how much I have enjoyed riding it; far more than I ever expected to. I had rented a Brompton form the excellent Bromptondock and wasn't that impressed with the handling of the one I had received (it was also a completely different configuration to the one I have)

I have yet to ride all the way to work but I have blitzed home from work, sometimes taking the long way home. It has been a blast. Today I cycled home from Bath, covering the 16 miles in a fairly respectable one hour and fifteen minutes.

I don't think I have ever enjoyed cycling quite this much, and I am astounded that this odd little bike has given me that.

The other impromptu purchase was the Nikon D7000... and I have loved taking photographs with that. I seem to have gelled with it far more readily and easily than the D80 I bought five years ago, the frustrations of which may have contributed to the gradual decline in my enjoyment of the taking photographs.

Not so now.


mull of kintyre


fb_Bristol Z00 13-05-13 -14


fb_Bristol Z00 13-05-13 -3


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