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It has been a busy couple of weeks, in many ways. The week before last I was here there and everywhere (Monday and Tuesday in Edinburgh and Wednesday in Portsmouth for work); the highlights of which were heading down to Harrow to assist Pete as fireman for the charity fire-walking event he was running (thanks Pete - it was ace!) and Friday was a jaunt down to Cornwall for the weekend.

WP_20130704_013 copy

The fireman gig was interesting, fun and flipping hot, as it was an exceptionally warm evening. Pete showed me the ropes and it was a great experience, even if I was drenched with sweat by the end of it.

The next evening EF and I rolled down to Cornwall for the Eden Project. We stayed in a lovely place (Botelet Farm) which only allowed two tents in addition to the two onsite yurts and the B&B. It was beautiful, peaceful and the welcome was as warm as the weather. Sunday was return to Bristol day (via Tintagel). Some photos below, with more from the whole weekend here.

Cornwall 2013-2

Morning view


The Eden Project itself was wonderful and I enjoyed the Rainforest biodome the most.

Flowers and dome


This week has been a much needed week off for me - I was initially going to head off on my own camping in Pembrokshire (near Marloes village) but that would have necessitated buying a smaller lighter tent, amongst other things. In the end I bimbled about Bristol, mainly on my Brompton.

Monday I had a day-trip to Bath with EF. I bought my S-bag (for the Brompton) and after a lovely day cycled back along the Bristol-Bath (Bath-Bristol?) Cycle Path - doing the 15.6 miles in about an hour and 15 minutes. Great fun!

Tuesday was an ambly day, in which I converted a slightly shabby writing bureau to one that was slightly more shabby chic.


Wednesday was another ambly day (photo-editing, cake, coffee, you get the picture).

On Thursday I bombed along the Strawberry Line from Yatton to Cheddar, tackling the climb to the top of the gorge on the Brompton as people in lycra passed me on their road-bikes. Various passers-by were encouraging (when I stopped for a breather) and cheered me as I zipped past them on the way back down, which was nice. The descent itself took hardly any time at all and was somewhat nerve-wracking on a Brommie, with its small wheels and anaemic brakes. Just under 27 miles in total was covered in the day - I'd happily do it again.

Friday I recovered by getting to experience EF's birthday present (thank you!) to me, a wonderful book-spa at the most excellent Mr B's Emporium of Reading Delights (you can read my post/review of their bookshop here). Apparently I was quite a challenge as I am 'quite broadly read' but Ed, with able assistance from Emma, both came up with the goods. It was ever so lovely to be able to talk books with someone, and for them to convey their passion and enthusiasm for particular books and authors with such erudite energy. Wonderful stuff! I could have walked out with pretty much every book recommended but was only able to take a select few (choosing was a feat in itself).

Needless to say, I will probably go back for the others at some point...

The haul

Yesterday was Pride (an enjoyable experience, as ever) with the gang and today was a housey-sorty-thingy-day.

A good week off, methinks.




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