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sleep now, and then a bit later

Long term readers of this blog (or those who know me in real life) will know I have a complicated relationship with sleep. Regardless of whether or not I am for it or against it; hate it or love it; or whatever - I very probably don't get enough of it. At the moment I am going through one of my periodic bouts of insomnia, possibly brought on by the incessant heat of late. Previously I would have thrived on the insomnia, and enjoyed it, but this latest cycle of sleeplessness has left me more tired, more grumpy and less enamoured with it than ever before.

Discussions with a couple of people have led me to the theory of segmented sleep. There is evidence that, up until the 17th century at least, humans slept in two distinct phases; going to bed a couple of hours after dusk for roughly four hours of sleep, waking up for one or two hours, being generally active, and then going back to sleep for another two to four hours.

This has massive appeal to me, on the basis it might help with the problems I have with sleeping, and also with the fact that very late at night and very early in the morning are my absolute best times for productivity and creativity. And the fact I really, really like the middle of the night. I would go as far as to say it probably is my favourite time of the day.

So I am going to incorporate it (quite how, I am not sure) into my day. My initial notion is to go to bed about 10pm, arise about 2am and then go back to bed at 4am for a couple of hours. I am not sure how it will work out, but I can't be any more tired than I am as a result of this experiment.

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