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Update on stuff

It has, by my standards, been quite a busy couple of weeks. ***

Last week I started my OU Law degree (module W100, in case you are interested), and it has been in an interesting week. I discovered that I have already completed week one's objective, which was the introductory pack and preparations and was already well into week 2's Unit 1 objective.

Getting into the studying frame of mind has been an interesting process, and hasn't been overly smooth. One of the problems is that I am a very quick reader, and I seem to pick up what is being taught fairly quickly too. I just need to keep an eye on my pacing and information assimilation, both of which will become far more important as the learning quickens and becomes more intense and complex.


I am cycling again - yayyyyy! I am taking my time, keeping the distances short and not cycling every day, just to ensure that I protect the recovery in my wrists as much as possible. So far, so good.

I do love being on my Brompton.


Talking of Bromptons, I have decided to buy a car. I sold my beloved Clio way back in October 2009, so I will have been without a car for four years to the month. Anyway, for reasons given here in July of this year, I decided that the only sensible thing was to buy one.

It is an odd feeling to move from the non-car-owner mentality to the car-owner mentality and I am still unsure I want to - however the flexibility offered is far too attractive to ignore now. The intent is to use it as minimally as possible, something that might have been improbable before the Brompton came along (I do love being on that bike), as EF pointed out.

Plus, the new car will have to be able to fit the Brompton in the boot.

So the cars of choice? The Mini Cooper, Audi A3, Skoda Fabia (vRS?), or the Ford Focus - in that order.


I thought quite seriously about taking voluntary redundancy at work; not least for the opportunities offered by a package that would allow me six months to find a job. I was told, quite categorically, that my application would be turned down as I was doing far too good a job, and that was that.

Oh well, it was a thought.


One of the things I discovered this week was that far more people know about my blog at work than I thought, something that leaves me feeling quite uncomfortable. For a little while I considered shutting the site down but eventually decided against it - I don't think anyone really reads it as I post so rarely and there has rarely been anything controversial or deeply personal on here of late...


I have signed up for archery, some two years later than planned. More news on that as and when...


EF and I went to an After Hours: Adults Only evening at @bristol, which was great fun. We built Mars Explorers, collected Mars rock samples, tested them and came to conclusions. EF chatted to scientists from CERN about quantum stuff, we both watched a silly and interesting live science show, I went to that planetarium, learnt I was only the 50th person with my genetic traits out of the 55,000 who had taken the test, discovered the spread of my surname throughout the UK, chatted to some interesting people from the Bristol Astronomical Society and looked at a pair of stars that were 430 light-years away and that took 100,000 years to orbit around each other.