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The Art of Law 1

It is a surprise that it has taken me this long to write about the law degree I am undertaking. I am in week 6, studying Unit 5 of Block 1 and next week I need to submit my first assignment. That will mean Block 1 will be done with and I will be well on my way through Block 2.

So how has it been? Well, it has been grand, mostly. I started off quickly, so quickly that I was ahead, and then I stalled (a combinatin of work and a lack of routine), fell behind and am now on track.

W100 is an introduction to law and does what it says on the tin (thus far), instilling the basics of English law and of study. So far I have covered the court systems, the doctrine of binding precedent, the evolution of common law and other stuff to boot. At the moment I am learning about the European Union and the European Convention on Human Rights.

It is all genuinely interesting stuff. And I am enjoying the subject far more than I thought I might. Whether that holds up two years in whilst I juggle work, the demands of a level 2 course with associated difficult assignments is anybody's guess. Regardless, I am enjoying the act of learning, and the act of learning about law.

I think it has certainly been a lot more so since I established a routine for myself. I am no longer flailing about grabbing the opportunity for a bit of study when I can, fighting everything else that goes on in my life (not a massive amount, admittedly, but it has its moments).

I have for a long time known, and you will find it alluded to in many posts, that my best thinking times are early in the morning or very late at night. So every morning I get up at 4am (I normally wake up at 5 anyway), put a couple of hours of study in and then get ready for work. If I am in the mood, or have the time, in the evenings I will put in another hour or so. I have Friday afternoons free, so will do another hour or two then, and Saturdays and Sundays have yet to develop their own rhythm, although I suspect they will become more critical as time, blocks and modules go on.

The other thing about the 4am start is that I get through far more in those two hours than any equivalent period at any other time in the day. Mornings are my thing, and I am often loathe to stop to go to work once 6.15am rocks around. The side benefit is that my brain is already warmed up and on the go when I do get into work, so all good.

So what do I think of law so far as a study subject? As stated I am enjoying it, and the subject matter really is interesting. Law, from my early-days-knows-nothing point of view, is all about the interaction between authority and the ever-evolving social context, as well as words, words and words... and what they mean. All of which rings my bell and then some.

I am more than sure there will be a lot of it that is dull and boring and dull and boring and dull and... well, you get the picture. But I will cross that dull bridge when I come to it.

Anyway, onwards - let's see how the first assignment pans out and what Block 2 of Module W100 brings...