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I am knackered, tired, weary and in need of sleep. I was grumpy today. Very. Grumpy. ***

Aside from all the stuff I am scrawling in the recently launched and nigh-on never-ending pursuit of knowledge, I managed 600 words of the opening scene of a short story. Go me.


I broked my ipad. A little. Somehow (I think swinging my bag about) I managed to clunk the corner, dent it and crack the glass in that area. Luckily it doesn't impinge on the touch screen area and a bit of sticky tape and one proper ipad case later and you can't see that it is broken.

Otherwise it is £170 for a repair or a mere £400 or more for a replacement.

Sod. That.


Whilst I am all grumbly about Apple related stuff - the new version of OS X, Mavericks, has seriously borked the battery life on my beloved MacBook Air. Apple were very much trumpeting the fact that it would lengthen battery life due to some clever softwarenology but I appear to be one of the lucky few whose battery life has been halved. This takes it from premium Apple laptop territory to slightly shitty Windows laptop territory. Which isn't on.

I await a fix.

For the laptop. Not the other kind.


I bought an 11 year old Mini Cooper. It goes like shit off a shovel. It is like a little go-cart. It is pretty spartan inside but is pretty. It has slightly whiny power-steering, which apparently is the norm for this age of Mini, but worries me nonetheless. The Brompton doesn't fit in the boot. Man, it is good fun to drive.

Oh yes, that is three years sans car down the drain. But needs and lifestyles change.



The Flatmate is listening to Miley Cyrus. He has his headphones in, so he probably thinks I don't know. I do.

The Art of Law 2