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I've been meaning to write about a number of things, such as on the hypocrisy of complaining about hunting, politics and politicians and various other things. I just don't have the energy. I am feeling quite rubbish today and have been apt to doze off at a moment's notice. Yesterday was actually quite a good day. I managed to accomplish a number of things, including finally sorting out the space under the stairs where I store my bikes. It has typically been a bit of a problem, with not enough space for all the stuff packed in there (including my three four bikes plus EF's when she comes over). So I opted for something subtly different that works surprisingly well.


One of the other things I managed to do was move the smallest bookcase I had to sit next to my desk in the alcove in my bedroom. This has allowed me to keep all my study materials in one place (including my beloved Oxford Shorter English dictionary) and provided me with an additional surface on which to put the iPad and/or laptop when streaming stuff as I work. A quick visit to Emmaus provided me with a slightly larger bookcase (for all of £5) with which to replace it, going a little way to resolving my book storage issue.


On the note of streaming, one of the things I know about myself is that I work best very early in the morning and/or to the accompaniment of background noise. I don't work very well to music (although I can write well to it) but the sound of voices or people doing stuff in the background. So, the rather odd image you may see on the iPad above is the back of a model ogre, as painted by girlpainting on youtube.

I listen to/watch a number of streamers, not least for the generally soothing nature of their streams/shows. girlpainting is, I guess, German and is quite a quirky and entertaining model painter. DeMuslim is a professional StarCraft 2 player who is thoughtful, funny and a generally nice guy. Xia Taptara and Rene Ainger are both digital artists whose youtube tutorials are both fascinating and instructional. The point is, whilst I may watch them anyway, having their shows streaming in the background allows my brain to concentrate on the task at hand, with the occasional glance away to provide it with a break.

On that note, I wonder whether is a market for an ambient noise generator app, particularly of the cafe/people talking/sounds of the city ilk. Matt?

Finally amongst a number of achievements yesterday was the 'winning' of a fully functioning iMac G4 on Freecycle. I wanted one of these desperately when they came out, and I finally have one some ten years later. I do have to work out internet connectivity issue (it doesn't connect wirelessly), but the general idea was to have it in the kitchen as a media streamer and looking-stuff-upper, much in the way I use my iPad now. Regardless, it is a piece of kit of iconic design and functionality, and I have one for the price of the petrol needed to pick it up. Result.

imacg4The only positive from today is this morning's stint at the first assignment for W100. I managed to draft most of it, struggling least with the subject I thought I would find hardest, and vice versa. The assignment is split into two parts over five questions, with the first part looking at good academic practice and the second covering the subjects studied to date. Suffice to say, the former has turned out harder than I expected, but does garner the least points over all. Anyway, one question to finish off, the whole lot to re-work and reduce in wordage (only slightly though) and I'm done.


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