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W100 TMA01

So. I have handed my assignment in and I am done. I say 'handed' - I mean uploaded/submitted. I was a little bit of a saga, what with issues with word count (resolved when I compiled it out of Scrivener into MS Word), pagination and page count issues with MS Word (no, really? Fuck me) and a dawning realisation that I hadn't done any referencing at all.

By 5.15am I was somewhat in despair. I was woeful. By 6.40am I was done, sorted, finished.

Of course I have just realised that I have completely failed to include the word count, which I had put into version one (pre-fucking about with MS Word and pre-referencing doodahs).


This consolidation/assignment week is a bit of an odd one, especially after the frantic studying of the last few weeks. It is relatively quiet, relatively easy and relatively relaxed. Well, until this morning.

On with Block 2, Unit Six... The natural legal person. I actually can't wait.

I'm serious, I can't. This is the fascinating stuff. It is the philosophy, the founding principles, the underlying thingies of it all.

Anyway, enough law stuff, I'm having a coffee and a mince pie. Yes, in November.


Aaaaaand.... I realised that not only had I missed the word count but adding in the references suddenly jumped my word count to above the limit. Cue a frantic 40 minutes of cutting and editing back down to 1196 words. Yes!

And re-submitted. Fuck knows if it any if it is right though. Guess I'll find out in a week or two...

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