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I had been intending to post over the last few days but have been battling with Wordpress (upon which this site runs). For some reason it wouldn't let me post anything, not without the sort of jiggerypokery workaround that made it almost not worth the effort. At first I thought it was something to do with the recent upgrade to whatever version I am now on, as I was receiving an php error message on the dashboard. I managed to eliminate that but it failed to solve my issue.

A deeper investigation, and some trawling through the internet, led, by alleyway and byway, to have a good long look at my database. fm is by far my biggest website (I have a few, most of which... okay, all of which bar this one, are not maintained with any great regularity) so I wondered if I had breached my paltry 100mb limit.

149mb. Uh-oh. I know I upload a fair amount of photos and the like, so perhaps it was time to upgrade my hosting package. Except...

125mb of that data is to do with statpress, a plug-in that I used in my very early days, when I was interested, to see how much traffic, as well as its origin, came to my website. And like a number of plug-ins I just haven't looked at it in years. Cue massive clear-out of the impacted database and a culling of the plug-ins and I am feeling much better, and more importantly (debatable) wordpress is working once again. Hurrah!

1908 days. not an anniversary.

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