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1908 days. not an anniversary.

If you hadn't guessed I am supposed to be studying the end of Unit 6 (Legal Personality) and starting Unit 7 (Unlawful Conduct) but I am fucking around on here and Photoshop instead. As I was messing around with the database issue I have just posted about and as I was doing some general maintenance on the site I came to the conclusion that I hadn't really thought about fabergemonkey for a while. Sure, I have been blogging to it for a while but I haven't really thought about what it means of late.

Perhaps nothing.

Some stats:

Started on the 10th of September, 2008 with this post.

It was my third attempt (the other two still exist, somewhere). That was 1908 days ago.

I have published, not including this one, 495 posts. I have not published 90 posts (in draft).

I have had 253 approved comments and about a billion spam ones (pre-filtered out), my favourite sender of the current crop being 'erotic hypno videos'.

I have been extraordinarily mercurial in my posting habits. I have posted prolifically, a little bit and not at all. I have tagged, and not at all. I have categorised faithfully, and at times, not at all.

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But that is just statistics, or numbers. The whole point of the blog, for me, was to just write about stuff, to talk about stuff, to air stuff, to not talk about stuff but allude to it in a way that wasn't obvious and wasn't revealing but got the job done. It was a public place for my thoughts, ideas, angst, and  general chit-chat. Some of it was deep and meaningful, some of it raw, some of it allegorical, some of it mundane, some of it workman-like and some of it blather.

There is heartache in there, along with joy, worry, anger. Melancholy and sadness make their appearances too. There is wonder and mischief and thinky stuff. There are posts that I love and posts that I hate. There are...

This is a post I never thought I would write. This is a blog I never thought I would keep up (it has been touch and go a few times). It is a blog that, on reflection, charts my life, in a loose way, over the last five years and three months. Will it still be here in another 1908 days? I would be surprised if it was, just as I would have been surprised that I have been able to write this post today, all the way back there, on the 10th of September, 2008.

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So, not an anniversary as such. But probably worth a slice of cake and a cup of coffee, yes?