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I don't know if I mentioned but one of the things I did this year was take up a NFL GamePass subscription, which allows me to watch the entire American Football season. And I bloody love it.

There is something completely ridiculous about the game (42 players in the squad team, special teams, downs, play-offs, rushing yards, body armour, touchdowns, etc) that I can't help but love it. At its heart it is utterly entertaining, especially if you understand what is going on.

The first time I stayed up on a Thursday night to watch the Thursday night game (obviously) live was the last. It kicked off at 1am and the ONE HOUR game didn't finish until 5am. Fuck me. That was a tiring day.

The entertainment of the commentary and advertising and all that other gumph that surrounds the game aside, you have to admire the athleticism, commitment, entertainment factor, skill and relative gentlemanliness of it all (so much more than football/soccer). Great fun.

Family commits me to the San Francisco 49ers but I have developed a soft spot for the sublime play of the Seattle Seahawks and the quirky mercurialness of the Washington Redskins, although I just find the whole thing enjoyable through and through.

This time next year I would like to see the 49ers and Seahawks play in their home stadiums - something to aim for if I can't get a ticket for the London-based games...


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