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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! All I can say is that my wrapping leaves something to be desired.

I am sat on my own this morning, watching one of my usual 'background' youtubers that I nearly always have on (girlpainting today). I have just had breakfast and am drinking a cup of very nice coffee indeed (Grumpy Mule). And I am perfectly content.

I do miss my mum, but in a good way. I wish she were here, to see Rudy and Hugo and Coco, to love them as fiercely as she did, to dote on them and be proud of them in every little thing they did. I wish she was around so they could know her, and know her love and her pride and her joy in their existence. And to partake in her awesome alternative christmas dinners.

But she isn't, and in her absence I guess I will have to love them and take pride in them on her behalf, as well as my own. They will be up on Friday and I simply cannot wait for those few hours of chaos and noise and bedlam. It will be fab.

In the meantime I am going to potter about a bit more before heading off to EF's for presents, nibbles and probably lots of playing with Lego with T.


Merry Christmas. Eat the mince pies, dude, that is what they are there for...

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