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2013, meet 2014

2013 Was 2013 a bad year? A lot of my friends (according to their facebook and blog posts) seem to think so. I guess the hardest thing for me was adapting to the fact that my mum had gone. There was some other downs, but on the whole I think there were many more ups.


  • I did very little writing and seemed to lose my way with it all
  • I bought a car, ending nearly four years without one
  • I didn't see enough of my brother and his family
  • I didn't run much
  • I only managed 672 words for NaNoWriMo - not unexpected really


  • I got stuck into the new job, and despite everything, seem to have done well at it
  • I started the OU Law degree and am loving it - I even attained a good score on my first TMA
  • I slowly got back into photography, even if it is rather sporadic at the moment
  • EF and I had a good year - we did some cool stuff and had a good time
  • I bought a Brompton and love riding it beyond words
  • I bought a ten year old MINI Cooper and have bimbled and done some stuff that was too difficult to do without a car (and I love driving it, by the gods I do)
  • I finally sorted out much of the house so it looks less a pigsty and more a home
  • I ran the MoKRun 10k, with little, if any, preparation - 17 minutes slower than my best time but I ran it all nonetheless
  • I met some very cool people at BristolCon


2014 holds promise. Every day does, if you look at it right. There are things I want to do and want to achieve every day, but in the broader context of 2014 they are:

  • Complete W100 of the OU LLB law degree successfully
  • Start W200 (or whatever it is) in the same vein as I started W100
  • Run more
  • Cycle more
  • Do a couple of long distance multi-day trips on the Brompton
  • Take up archery (I have signed up for and am just waiting for a slot on a beginner's course to come free)
  • Photograph a lot more places and people
  • Have another good year with EF
  • Travel for pleasure more
  • Finish the novel
  • See the family more
  • Play more table-top/board games
  • Meet new people
  • Visit other Cons
  • Be happy

That's it, for the moment. Enough to be getting on with anyway.


Merry Christmas