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giveit100 is a website (movement?) which encourages you to spend 100 days practising something in order to achieve a goal. The crux is videoing your progress, which can be seen online at the website. I came across this when I read an article about Karen Cheng, who taught herself to dance in a year and the improvement in her dancing from day 1 to, well, now is immense. She also is co-founder for the site and continues to 'vlog' her progress with her dancing.

It is quite a nice idea, and watching the progress in some of the participants can be both inspirational and entertaining. The breadth of the activities people are undertaking is vast, ranging from losing weight to touching toes to learning Japanese to smiling every day. It will be interesting to see how many of the people achieve what they set out to do (some of the chalenges are a bit nonsensical to me, but each to their own). We shall see!

2013, meet 2014