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archery tuesday

So, last night, after many, many months of just not getting round to it, I had my first lesson of archery. And it was flipping awesome. I had looking into a number of clubs, including the Gordano Valley Archers and the Cleve Archers clubs, all of which looked fantastic clubs (in fact I bought my MINI from someone who shot at the latter). In the end, simply because it was a smaller club and because I liked the feel imparted by their website I plumped on the Tockington Archers, based in Tockington, near Thornbury.

And they were fab. Very welcoming, friendly, happy to have a laugh and a joke whilst providing excellent support and advice as we shot. Graeme and John looked after me and Dominique (who I was shooting with) brilliantly, whilst Tim and the other chap looked after the other five beginners. By the end we were all (mostly) grouping our shots well and the coaches seemed genuinely impressed and pleased with our progress.

We learnt how to stand, how to hold and nock the arrow, the technique of achieving a consistent anchor point (much more on that at the next lesson, apparently), posture, how to retrieve our arrows, safety, etc. And we shot a fair few arrows, which was just the best fun.

If you have never tried archery then do so. One lesson in and I already know I want to do more. A lot more.

if only