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bow newbie

Unfortunately, due to a mishap with keys and cupboards and stuff we didn't have our final archery lesson. We did have a nice 30-40 minutes looking at the bows the club members had brought along (a longbow, recurve bow and a compound bow), chatting about the club, until every one of the beginners (including me) had drifted off homewards. Anyway, pending the final lesson, whenever that is, I can then join the club and do this thing for real.

An excellent, informative and slightly bizarre source of information is NUSensei on Youtube. His videos really are very good; explaining the ins and outs of the equipment, techniques and competitions in an engaging and information-rich manner. The bizarre element is that he is visually and vocally the spitting image of my housemate. Go and have a look, if you are interested in archery. Or what my housemate looks like.

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