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Archery 101

So I am completely hooked. This evening's final archery lesson only had four of us shooting, as others had attended the week before or were on holiday. We had a little bit of a warm up and then had a friendly competition, which I was quite pleased to win. I was much more pleased with my performance, shooting 333 points out of a possible 360 with 15 'golds' (10 pointers) out of the 36 shots. Not bad for a beginner at 18 yards, indoors, with only three lessons behind him. The other three shot pretty much as well as I did, and we all had a really good time and the coaches were as excellent, friendly and helpful as ever.

Of course this little competition wasn't anything like a 90 yards outdoors shoot, and we could only watch with awe as one of the instructors grouped three arrows on a dime, each punching through to the fletching, with his newly acquired secondhand compound bow.

I completely missed archery last week, and I do wish I had a cellar or garage in which I could shoot and practise my form. Ah well... one day.

Anyway, I will be joining the Tockington Archers this Friday - roll on summer shoots in the sunshine...

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