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arrow flinging

This morning I was slightly taken aback to find this (below) in my Facebook news feed :) Facebook-NUSensei


It certainly brightened my insomnia-induced early morning!

Tuesday night was the final lesson and it was good fun. Due to the smaller numbers I was able to revert to the training bow I was initially using and almost immediately got back my accuracy.

We had a small competition, which I won. I managed to score 333 out of a possible 360, hitting 15 golds (10s) out of a possible 36 arrows. Well chuffed.

Granted, there was the small matter of the distance (18 yards) and the target size (outdoor targets as opposed to the more usual teeny-weeny indoor targets) but hey, beginner here.

I do love the feel of archery, the rhythm of draw, aim, release and the thrill of getting  tight grouping. There is something wonderfully absorbing and relaxing about it all, and the friendly atmosphere really adds to the overall happiness of the activity.

Tonight is my first club night - excited!

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