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of fountain pens and men

Or me, to be specific. Fountain pens have become a little bit of a smidgeon of a obsession with me of late. I love the feel of them and writing with them, and watching ink flow across paper is simply too pleasurable an experience to properly explain.

To date I own on two fountain pens - a Sheaffer white dot that I think is from the fifties and another beautiful silver one, with intricate gold banding, that could be modern or vintage, such is its condition. Of the two the latter is the one I use the most - the nib is smooth and graceful, more so than my handwriting and it is a pleasure to write with, even when the ink flow is ebbing. The white dot is also pleasurable, but occasionally it gets irascible and scratchy and doesn't really want to know.

Today I took receipt of my third pen, a lovely Parker Duofold AF in dark red, purchased through the excellent and informative GoodWriters website. It is the equal of the silver Sheaffer to write with, although I have a tendency to spray the odd spot of ink about the place - which is probably more to do with my vigorous gesticulation rather than any fault with the pen.

Yesterday I actually wrote some letters with the fountain pens and it was a fab experience. I just need to post them now, which is the other half of the battle.

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WP_20140308_15_04_41_Pro copy

Silver Sheaffer White Dot and Parker Duofold AF



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