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dead centre

One of the comments that was made to me when I was shooting the Toad Warwick the other night was that I am 'very quick'. I have known this from the start. I don't like hanging around. I have started to establish a consistent pre-aim routine, which settles me into the act of raising the bow and arrow, finding my setting point, aiming and releasing. The next step in the process, the setting of the arrow, has also begun to find a consistency that allows me to have a, well, more consistent draw and release.

I aim, but I don't aim for long. I have a consistent approach to aiming, although the application is not always what I would like it to be. Aiming, at its simplest, is the relationship between the eye, bow-string, sight and the target. Consistency is achieved by ensuring that the four come together in the same manner, at the same speed and, hopefully, with the same result, every single time. And this assumes that there is a consistency in equipment, the draw and the setting point as well. Not an easy thing when you think about it.

This process is very quick for me, and therein lies a degree of inconsistency. I think my problem is not so much my speed, but not releasing when I am not quite on target. All too often I release, because of the speed, when it is close enough, and that isn't quite right. I need to learn, on top of everything else, to stop and reset to ensure that the aim is bang on, or as near as dammit.

Practice, as they say, makes perfect. Oh for a range of my own...




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