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understood the metatable. walked through the dimness into the light, exploring the wholeness beneath. examined the underlying structure, the syntax of variability, the extension between form and intention. explored and hunted the darkness, seeking lights of understanding, becoming part of the metanode, flowing from one position to another, achieving a completeness unheard of. sought depth and clarity, quested and resisted, fought for purpose, exhumed the decaying remains of introspection, the cloying scent of melancholy a putrid warning. walked through intuitive formations, faint gleams coming from the pulsing memes that strobed and glazed their way through the conceptual. whispered and dreamed and saw the darkness flow and burn with the lucidity of my inanity. profoundness a welcome guest, haze and distortion lending new insight, demeaning and debasing truth and corporeality, extruding shape into shape, twisting the blend of perception into new forms, dizzying and corrupting totality with absolution and introspection. implicitness and precision a procurement of complete and utter singularity. proto-understanding and proto-perfections charismatic in their embryonic perpetuality.
exhausted and combined, ripped into a billion remnants of a
million deceptions, slowing and dying,floating into morning. coffee.

its a book world

what now?