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I am really a girl

... apparently. This what my friends tell me anyway. Here's why.

I have eleven bags. Not silly little manbags, but proper rufty-tufty bags for putting proper rufty-tuftystuff in (like my netbook, my portable hard-drive, camera, various just-in-case medicines, multi-tool, swiss army knife, sunglasses, glasses, head torch, keys, wallet)

  • Four camera(ish) bags, four rucksacks, two laptop bags and two courier style bags. And two general do it all bags. Oh, that comes to fourteen bags. Oops.

I have fourteen coats.

  • Two work coats, two gilets, seven outdoorsy waterproofy softshelly coats and a down jacket. And two fleece coats. This is down from sixteen.

I have fourteen pairs of shoes.

  • Two pairs of work shoes, one pair of 'going out' shoes, three pairs of trail/approach shoes, three pairs of walking boots, one pair of mountain boots, two pairs of cycling shoes and two pairs of trainers/running shoes.

Hang on. That is fourteen of each item? What? That isn't right... *counts*. It is. Crap.

I have been reliably informed that no man should have more than three of each (actually there should be nil bags).

And that no man should be able to reel off all of the above from the top of his head. And know where each item is, and what it goes with.

Oh Lordy... I'm a girl.

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