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books bought this week (ish)

This is a bit of a longish post, so please bear with me. In no particular order... Come, Hunt an Earthman - Philip E High (Abebooks)

I used to read this a lot when I was younger, it definitely featured in my top ten books of my childhood. Within an hour of it arriving I had read all but the last few pages (which are sitting there, agonisingly close). The story, as ever, was different to how I remember it, and if anything, is better for it. One to cherish.

Twilight and The Host - Stephenie Meyer (Amazon)

I've wanted to pick up the latter for sometime, having reading a number of good reviews and been intrigued by the premise. The former was purchased purely due to the hype.

Blood of the Mantis - Adrian Tchaikovsky (Amazon)

I am, against all expectations, quite enjoying this series. There is nothing particularly outstanding about Tchaikovsky's writing, but the plot and characters are solid and it is jolly good fun.

Kushiel's Scion - Jacqueline Carey (Hay)

On a whim.

Portsmouth in Haiku - British Haiku Society (Hay)

The smallest and lightest of my Hay purchases, this is possibly one of my favourites. Lovely haiku and well designed.


Verses - Christina Rossetti (Hay)

I struggled with this. I love Rossetti's poetry, but this is a book of her Christian verse, which is not something I ordinarily go for. However, the writing is sublime, the book itself is beautiful and it dates at 1894. Despite putting it back on the shelf and walking away I found myself buying it with the other purchases from the Poetry Shop (and it made up roughly 20% of my overall spend - eek!).


The Fledging of Az Gabrielson - Jay Amory (Hay)

On a whim.

Blue World - Jack Vance (Hay)

On a whim.

Floating Worlds - Cecilia Holland (Hay)

On a whim. Although I have always wanted to read this.

Principles of Angels - Jaine Fenn(Hay)

On a whim.

The Complete Western Stories - Elmore Leonard (Hay)

I love Elmore Leonard's writing, and the opportunity to read his westerns (which I never knew he had written) was too much to pass on. Instant purchase.

Big Snake - Robert Twigger (Hay)

The author of Angry White Pyjamas (superb) goes searching for the biggest python in existence. Another opportunity not to be missed.

Water Light Time - David Doubilet (Hay)

One of my favourite photography books ever, I constantly find myself surprised that I do not own it, not even twice. So I bought it. Featuring a set of his unbelievably beautiful underwater photographs, this is one to be read, looked at and swooned over.

Listen to the Warmth, Grand Tour and Lonesome Cities - Rod McKuen (Hay)

One of my favourite poets, he was definitely of his time and seems to be strangely forgotten now, considering how huge he was at one time. Two duplicate purchases, for a friend.

Book of Scottish Poetry - Various (Hay)

Partially on a whim, partially because there is some great poetry that I will no doubt have fun trying to read aloud. Also inspired by my recent visit to Edinburgh and meet up with my Scottish Twitter friend MrFarty.

Spares - Michael M Smith and The Blade Itself - Joe Abercrombie (Hay)

Duplicates, purchased for my brother, because he deserves to read quality stuff. Spares is an awesome book and I am sad that MMS has moved away from the SF genre to the thriller/horror one. A loss. The Blade Itself is the first in the First Law series and is cracking good read.

A Ride in the Neon Sun - Josie Dew (Hay)

If you like travel writing, or cycling, or Japan, then this is a fantastic book for you. Might be  duplicate, but I can't find the original copy so that makes this okay. Thinking about it, regardless of what you are interested in, go and read this anyway.

The Long Price - Daniel Abraham (Hay)

On a whim.

End of the World Blues - Jim Courtney Grimwood (Hay)

I loved his Arabesk trilogy, and this was yet again too good an opportunity to ignore. A superb writer with a great sense of pace and excellent plotting, I can't wait to read this.

Total Spend: You really do not want to know. I don't want to know. But I do.

Happiness: Indescribable.

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