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mothers, black holes and a question of science

I've just been on the phone to my mother, which is always entertaining, not least because she tells it how it is (in her view) but also because she is as mad as a badger riding a balloon mastadon at a topiary party. Yes, she is that mad.Anyway, by way of rambling discourse covering a wide variety of subjects, we eventually arrived at the question of science, with regard to one particular artifact. "You know that black hole thing?" "What? The large hydrogen collider?" "Yes, that." "What about it?" "Nothing happened. It's a waste of money. I was waiting for the bang or the black hole and nothing." What ensued was long involved discussion on science, whether she should have heard a bang or seen a black hole, the benefit of pure science, the innate inquisitiveness of humanity and its great search for knowledge and the value of spending £5 billion on something that produced 'a few dots on the screen'.

She had a point.

And some days you just aren't going to win. Especially against your mother.